Delarosa is a 39 year old MILF with a high sex drive. It might be due to the fact that she is Latina too! It just doesn't take one to bang mom, but two hard dicks! Watch this horny MILF get double penetrated in this hot "It Takes Two To Bang Mom" scene!

Kelly Leigh

The difference between a 40 year old and a 20 year old in California is the type of clothes! Kelly Leigh loves a lot of things, sucking dick and drinking cum for the most part. If she's at a swinger party, she just loves to get nasty... she just loves to fuck! Kelly is hot... 40 years strong and looking hot as hell! What else can we say about this MILF? Umm, how about that she likes to get anal-banged! Watch her lover in this scene super fingerbang her asshole!


46 years old... and loving it. Jules is a hot MILF that is going to take in two dicks today! One in her wet pussy, and another in her tight asshole! This is her very first DP ever folks, and Kick Ass brings you it!

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